[epe-users] first draft of EPE 2017 proceedings

Stephan Oepen oe at ifi.uio.no
Wed Sep 13 22:49:52 CEST 2017

dear colleagues,

at long last, we are happy to share with you a first draft of the
proceedings volume for EPE 2017:


we would encourage everyone to take a look, both at your own papers as
they appear in the proceedings, but also at the other system
descriptions and the descriptions of the three downstream applications
(we are still working on the task summary, which is not yet included
in this first draft of the proceedings).

please feel free to moderately revise your papers as you see fit, for
example to add cross-references to other papers in the proceedings or
to harmonize terminology, naming of representations, or the
presentation of results.  however, please do not make changes to the
paper title, authors, or length—and in general, be conservative and
cautious when making final revisions at this late state.

at this point, i am inclined to consider paper titles and page counts
final.  thus, an updated, final version of the EPE bibliography file
is available, and we would kindly ask that everyone at least get the
latest version of ‘epe.bib’ and re-compile their manuscript once more,
to pick up page numbers in references to other parts of the


we plan on having the proceedings available on-line at the start of
next week; hence, please upload the final final version of your papers
in the next couple of days, and no later than mid-day saturday,
september 16.

there are likely remaining errors in our proceedings set-up, and we
will be grateful if you could email us with any suggestions you see
for improvement!

with thanks in advance, oe

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