[NLPL Users] Fwd: [hpc-leaders] Migration of data out of abel.uio.no

Stephan Oepen oe at ifi.uio.no
Fri Dec 27 12:31:18 CET 2019

dear colleagues,

while i hope everyone is enjoying their holidays, many of you have
been receiving automated notifications that your access to the Abel
supercomputer in norway will expire at the end of this year.  the
system is being decommissioned, and hence i would like to reiterate a
reminder that personal data from your home directories on Abel will
become inaccessible after tuesday this coming week.  please make sure
to copy out everything you might want to preserve.

the successor system to Abel in norway is called Saga, where many NLPL
users have already gained access to the new system.  however, there is
no automated transfer of Abel user accounts or data to Saga, and which
procedure to follow will depend on your affiliation:

(0) users affiliated with one of the six NLPL partner sites
(copenhagen, copenhagen, helsinki, oslo, uppsala, and turtu): if you
have not yet received access to Saga yet, please contact your site
manager: leon derczynski, filip ginter, joakim nivre, anders søgaard,
jörg tiedemann, or myself.  i would kindly ask that each site manager
compile a list of active users for 2020 and forward it to the NLPL
infrastructure task force in early january.

(1) users from NLPL associate partners (gothenburg, linköping,
reykjavik, stockholm, and tartu): regrettably, we do not yet have the
formal framework in place to extend your access rights to the new
system in norway.  we have applied for renewal of the NLPL
cross-border resource sharing agreement from NeIC and the national
e-infrastructure providers, but no decision has been made yet.  i
would encourage users from these sites to reach out to their national
providers and ask them to support continued cross-border access to the
NLPL virtual laboratory.  for contact points, please see:


the NLPL collaboration has been co-funded by NeIC between 2017 and
2019.  we are now moving into a new three-year phase, with support
under the new EOSC-Nordic project.  we expect to continue to maintain
and enhance the NLPL virtual laboratory (on the new Puhti and Saga
systems, in finland and norway, respectively), but sharing national
computing and storage resources across borders is in part a political
decision.  hence, if you have found associate access to the NLPL
resources useful in the past, please make that known to your national

with best wishes for 2020,

oe (for the NLPL infrastructure task force)

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From: Jon Kerr Nilsen <j.k.nilsen at usit.uio.no>
Date: Fri, Dec 13, 2019 at 2:58 PM
Subject: [hpc-leaders] Migration of data out of abel.uio.no
To: hpc-leaders at uninett.no <hpc-leaders at uninett.no>

Dear Project leader,

Your project’s CPU-quota on Abel is now discontinued and moved to
Saga, and you need to move all your data out from Abel within the end
of January, as Abel is planned to be shutdown on 31 January 2020.
We will not send an email to all project users, so it is your
responsibility to ensure that all your project members are informed
and have moved all needed data.
If you need help moving your data out of Abel, please don’t hesitate
to contact us on support at metacenter.no

If you need to grant your users access to Saga, you may do so via the
project leader GUI on https://www.metacenter.no. Please refer to the
following page for instructions:

Best Regards,
Sigma2 staff

Jon Kerr Nilsen, PhD, Head of Department,
Research Infrastructure Services, USIT,
University of Oslo, Norway
email: j.k.nilsen at usit.uio.no
mob: +47 40 20 36 59
office: +47 22 84 09 69

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